Company History

The beginning of Jeff Lee Landscaping was back in 1979. Fresh out of High School I thought that being a union plumber like my uncle and cousin would be cool. So being the sharp guy that I was at that time, I proceeded to look for ‘Sprinkler Companies’ for which to apply for a job. Behold! I landed my first adventure in landscaping and needless to say it had NOTHING to do with being a union plumber! After spending the first part of my 35 year career being an irrigation technician, I then spent time working in the landscape maintenance industry learning how to preserve large residential & commercial properties. The next step of progression took me into landscape sales & design for a larger landscape contracting firm. Working my way up the ladder and then managing one of that firms divisions here in Las Vegas and now having experience in essentially all aspects of the Landscaping industry, it made sense to begin the new and exciting adventure of owning and operating my own company.